Cardi B Threatens NFL Boycott, Hire Kaepernick Or I'll Watch Baseball!

Cardi B

Threatens NFL Boycott

Hire Kaepernick Or I’ll Watch Baseball!

9/25/2017 3:50 PM PDT

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Cardi B — who has the #1 song in the country — says NFL owners need to hire Colin Kaepernick ASAP or she’ll boycott NFL Sundays and start watching baseball instead … on whatever day baseball is on. 

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper told Billboard that people need to stop pressuring the NFL players to boycott because they need to make a living … the real pressure needs to be on the owners. 

“You can’t really be mad at the players,” Cardi said … “These people need their jobs too. Are you gonna pay them? Be mad at these goddamned team owners.”

She also trashed Trump — referring to him as “Carrot Face.”

As for Colin, he’s in game shape — at least he looked buffed up and ready to play out in NYC on Monday morning. 

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