Chandler Parsons Gives Bella Thorne and Jordan Clarkson His Blessing (VIDEO)

Chandler Parsons

Bella Thorne & Jordan Clarkson?!

‘They’re a Good Couple’

5/6/2017 11:46 AM PDT


If Jordan Clarkson and Bella Thorne are bangin’, Chandler Parsons is happy for ’em … telling TMZ Sports the (possible) new hot couple has his blessing.

Why does Chandler care? Well, he’s good friends with Bella … and they were also kissing pals during a recent trip to Mexico. 

So, when we saw the Memphis Grizzlies star in WeHo this week — we told him all about Thorne and Clarkson’s date(?) at Six Flags … and asked how he felt about it.   

He was definitely surprised … but told us he’s happy for both of ’em because it “makes sense.”

Guess Chandler will have to find a new make-out partner. Judging by his track record … it won’t be hard. 

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