Charles Manson Is Now Model Inmate But He Used to be a Terror

Charles Manson

Model Inmate Now

But He Used to Be a Terror

11/5/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Charles Manson is now a model prisoner … because wreaking havoc behind bars is apparently a young man’s game.

Sources with the California Department of Corrections tell TMZ … The soon-to-be 83-year-old murderer hasn’t violated prison rules since February 29, 2016 when guards found him in possession of a cell phone. A big no-no. 

Prison officials believe Manson’s on a 20-month goody two-shoes streak simply because of old age and health complications. 

But Manson has not always been a model prisoner … far from it. TMZ’s obtained Manson’s rap sheet in prison … and he’s tested patience for decades. There are over 100 infractions that go back to 1972, including … 

October 1972 — refused to shave

July 1973 — assault on staff

January 1975 — spitting and threatening staff

June 1977 — Striking an officer

July 1978  — Assault on correctional officer

July 1985 — Possession of a hacksaw blade

July 1993 — Possession of a stabbing instrument

Sept. 1995 — Threatening to kill a police officer

April 1983 — Possession of marijuana

April 1995 — Trafficking narcotics

June 2015 — Refusal to provide urine sample 

February 1993 — Assault and battery on non-prisoner 

March 1999 — Battery on an inmate with weapon

December 2003 — Possession of a deadly weapon

June 2009 — Possession of a wrist watch

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