Charles Manson's Teeth, Prison Items Headed to Haunted Museum

Charles Manson

Still Biting

At Haunted Museum!!!

11/26/2017 1:08 PM PST


Charles Manson‘s s**t-eating grin is going to Vegas, baby … and will be on full display at the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.  

Zak Bagans, stars of the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” bought a bunch of Manson’s personal items after the notorious murderer died, including a set of Manson’s dentures. Zak believes the chompers are the real deal because the seller was a close friend and pen pal of Manson’s.

There’s even a pic of the teeth signed by Manson, according to Zak who says the handwriting is a spot on match — and the photo has a crazy backstory.

Zak says the teeth were stolen from the shower by an inmate in 2010, and when the guy got out … he sent them to Manson’s pal. That friend teased Manson by sending him a photo of the teeth, and Manson wrote back to him begging him to return them. He didn’t.

Manson’s letter, as well as his pentagram necklace — made from toilet paper and underwear — and other arts and crafts he made while in Corcoran State Prison … are all part of Zak’s loot.

They’ll all be added to the Manson exhibit inside Zak’s infamous museum.

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