Charles Oakley Trashed White People & Police In MSG Meltdown … Witnesses Say

2/10/2017 12:31 PM PST


0210-charles-oakley-knicks-TMZ-01TMZ Sports has obtained the witness statement in the Charles Oakley incident at MSG — in which Knicks staffers claimed Oakley went on a verbal tear trashing white people, cops and Jimmy Dolan after things got physical with security.

According to the documents, one security guard told MSG investigators Oakley was talking to fans before the incident when he saw security looking at him.

The security guard says Oakley said, “You got all these f**king security here looking at me, I don’t know what the f**k they’re looking at, but they’re getting on my f**king nerves.”

The witness says Oakley then called a security officer named Kori a “rat bastard” who was always “sucking on [Knicks owner] Dolan’s d**k.”

That’s when the physical altercation went down.

A manager told investigators when things went to the tunnel after the public exchange, Phil Jackson was there. Oakley allegedly said, “You didn’t want to listen to me before so don’t talk to me now.”

And then Oakley allegedly got racial, saying, “All you whites over there get your story straight, why don’t you have some brothers over there with you? F**k all you white boys.”

The manager also says Oakley shouted, “F**k you police, I used to respect you but now I don’t have no respect for you motherf**kers.”

The manager says Oakley was told that Michael Jordan was on the phone and wanted to speak to him — but Oakley refused, “I don’t want to speak to Mike, he’s my brother, this has nothing to do with him, I want to talk to Dolan.”

The manager says Oakley continued to say that they all “just suck Dolan’s d**k.”

The statements in the witness report are all from MSG and Knicks employees

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