Charlie Sheen Says He Pays Ex-Wives Denise Richards And Brooke Mueller $55,000 A Month Each

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is in the middle of yet another nasty dispute with his family and apparently has decided to take his case to the public. Appearing on a new episode of ‘The Dr. Oz Show’, Sheen told the audience that he’s paying his exes, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, $55,000 a month each.

“You could all live on that, right?” Sheen said to the stunned audience, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Sheen explained that he had a plan set up to help support not just Richards and Mueller but also the two children he had with each of them. The 50-year-old Sheen is father to 6-year-old twin boys Max and Bob with Mueller and has two daughters – Sam, 11 and Lola Rose, 10 – with Richards.

“I bought houses in my neighborhood for Brooke and the boys, and then for Denise and the girls,” Sheen says. “I wanted everybody to be in the same neighborhood. And that all went bad.”

But just how it went bad is open to debate.

Richards claims that after she and the kids moved into town, Sheen sent his daughters a text saying, “Tell Mom to go eat pork and die” and “yure (sic) mom is a loser.”

Richards filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against her ex-husband in January in which she alleged that Sheen sent 10-year-old Lola another obscene text,” according to People.

“Your dad is a rock star genius . . . Your mom is a p–s wart,” the text allegedly read.

Sheen apparently didn’t deny sending the texts to Dr. Oz.

“I told Charlie there are texts that he appears to have sent that were mean-spirited and harmful to his family,” Dr. Oz told ET. “He didn’t deny that he sent them.”

But what Sheen does deny is that he made death threats against his children and his ex-wife.

The lawsuit states that Richards overheard Sheen telling Lola “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom.”

“I would never speak about any of my children like that ever,” Sheen told Oz. “And I would never threaten their mom. That’s not who I am. I wouldn’t do that.”

Sheen admitted to Dr. Oz that he has been “victimized by his anger at times” and discussed some of his previously reported addictions as well as his firing from ‘Two and a Half Men’ in 2011 and subsequent meltdown.

Sheen has opened up to Dr. Oz in the past, most notably after he was diagnosed with HIV last year.

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