Check Out How Super Chill And Eco-Friendly This Berkeley Criminal Is

You will not even believe how chill this woke ally can be while defending civil liberties by destroying someone’s private property. I feel like I’m taking kava shots just thinking about it. Trigger warning: this takes place at Berkeley.

In the video posted today by the Berkeley College Republicans, an effete antifa breaks down a plywood sign by stomping on it with legs no doubt conditioned by years of fixed-gear biking. But this is Berkeley, so everyone remains about as calm as you’d expect from residents of a town where there’s CBD in the tap water, with the man recording at one point stating “you’re literally committing vandalize-im.”

After managing to get the board down to disposable chunks, the feisty little leftist actually asks the man recording him WHICH RECYCLING BIN IT BELONGS IN. Spoiler alert: they agree on “compost,” so the decomposed wood might soon be used as a soil additive used to grow kale the vandal eats, which could be considered a victory for either side, if you think about it.

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