Chinese Airport Has “Male Only” Security Line For Men “To Enjoy Some Privilege”

For Today In Outrage we go to the Guangzhou Baiyun International airport in Southern China. That is where officials have decided that “It’s time for gentlemen to enjoy privilege.” As a “gentlemen” I couldn’t agree more!

Chinese state run media has gleefully reported on the new policy that created a “men only” security line for passengers. Previously passengers at the third largest airport in China were forced to all go through the same line together. However now they hope these separate lines for the ladies and the guys help speed things up.

The airport claims that the new policy was put in place to respect “the customers of foreign tourists and people from various ethnic groups.”

While some folks took to social media to express outrage over the new policy, others felt it might make sense. After all here in the America we have TSA agents ready to give passengers of their own gender a nice and personal pat down. However the line itself is not segregated by gender. What’s more the security lines in China do not specify a “female only” line- just one for the fellas. So that leaves us to assume that there is now a line just for guys and then a hodgepodge line for men, women and everyone else.  Not sure how that makes things go faster, unless you are a dude.

Do you think this airport men-only line policy is fair? Would you want to see it everywhere?

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