Chris Harrison Dishes On Dating Girls From 'The Bachelor,' Considering Gig As ABC's Next Leading Man?

Chris Harrison

Bachelor host Chris Harrison recently revealed that he is looking for love and many fans would love to see him as ABC’s next leading man. After all, he’s been standing giving pep talks to Bachelor and Bachelorette stars for 14 years — it’s time for the rose master to go on his own journey to find love.

Almost four years since his split from is wife Gwen Harrison, Harrison tells The Daily Beast‘s Brandy Zadrozny that he is waiting for someone to set him up because he’s not interested in using online dating to find love.

Harrison admits he has never dated any of the women from the Bachelor franchise (yet), but if he’s looking to get set up, why not choose from 25 eligible ladies hand picked by the producers he works alongside on the show? Especially because he now knows how hard it is to meet someone special.

“I really do understand how hard it is out there, how hard it is to meet somebody that you really have a connection with,” Chris tells Zadrozny, “I probably get it more now than ever.”

Chris married his Gwen, his college sweetheart, in 1994 and the couple has two children, Joshua, 14, and Taylor, 12. They ended their 18-year marriage in 2012 and Chris has been a single guy ever since.

Although Harrison says he’s ready to find love, he needs to start taking some of the advice he doles out on the Bachelor. He admits that he is a “hopeless romantic” — as evidenced by his book The Perfect Letter — but he works too much, leaving himself no time for a relationship.

“I need to quit working a little bit and maybe work on my own life … I would love to find love now. I’m a hopeless, helpless romantic just like everybody else, so hopefully I’ll follow my own advice one day.”

Now that he’s made it clear that he’d love to have someone set him up, there is one way to get him to stop working and find love — cast him as the Season 21 Bachelor and give someone else the job of saying, “Ladies, Chris, this is the final rose tonight…when you’re ready.”

Would you like to see Chris Harrison as the next Bachelor?

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