Chris Soules Continues To Express Excitement Over ‘DWTS’

Chris Soules

Chris Soules decided to go on Dancing With The Stars as soon as he was done filming The Bachelor. He decided to go compete on the show, even though he had just announced his engagement to Whitney Bischoff. Just as they were allowed to go public with their romance, he was forced to spend hours with Witney Carson in the dance studio. He said and did various things, including flirting with another woman, and many suspected that his engagement with Whitney was coming to an end. And sure enough, without weeks, she had left him behind.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules continues to talk about his Dancing With The Stars experience as if it was the best experience ever. Even though he met various ladies on the show and even got engaged, it sounds like he appreciated Dancing With The Stars more than The Bachelor. And he was even in the audience during last Monday’s premiere.

“I was the least talented out of this group that has danced w/this amazing gal, I just thank God for the opportunity,” Chris Soules revealed on social media, while sharing a picture of himself with Witney Carson and her many other partners through the years.

Soules has revealed that he is very thankful to have Witney in his life. There were many cheating rumors happening when he was dancing with Carson, but she was actually getting engaged and planning her wedding just last year. It sounds like she had no interest in dating Soules, but the rumors may have been too much for Whitney, who possibly didn’t feel as loved by Chris. His attention was clearly on dancing and winning yet another show. Since ending his engagement, he has been busy on the farm. Whitney has been out of the spotlight.

What do you think of Chris Soules being so appreciative of Dancing With The Stars and Whitney Carson?

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