Chris Soules Wants To Chat With Fans But There’s A Catch

Chris Soules

Chris Soules is friends with Ben Higgins, which is why you may have seen him in the headlines lately over some Bachelor news. While Chris’ love story didn’t work out on The Bachelor, he is back on the market and he’s ready to find love. And since Ben is already busy experiencing his moment on the show, Soules can’t use his connections to find another woman. So, what’s a farmer to do? Why not use the internet? According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now using a chat service and he wants his fans to join him.

“Hey guys! I’m so excited to be on the Skoozi App …come chat with me face-to-face or send a request for personal video! Can’t wait to chat!” Chris Soules revealed on social media recently, sharing that he would be available to chat with his fans. And while his tweet was very exciting and happy, his fans were not. Why? Because it was rather expensive.

“Why is it $200/2 minutes?” one person wrote, while another added, “sorry not gonna waste hard earned money just to talk to a regular person like myself but your still a cutie ;-P.” It sounds like his requirements for talking to him are sky high. 

These days, Chris is still living on the farm in Iowa. Whitney Bischoff was willing to make it work, but things didn’t last. But they are still close friends. “Absolutely,” Soules told US Weekly last year. “We’re still friends and we catch up regularly. She’s doing great.”

Chris is still looking for love, but don’t expect him to move away from the farm. He loves what he does and his family also lives in Iowa. And after being on the show, he felt he had a responsibility.

“After going on the show I felt a sense of responsibility to be an advocate and a spokesman for agriculture,” he shared. “Even though that really wasn’t second nature to me, I felt the popularity from the shows and the platform that I was given… was a great opportunity for me to actually speak to the fans that I have.”

Would you pay $200 per minute to speak with Chris Soules?

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