Chumlee Threatens Legal Battle with Candy Store Man


Threatens to Sue Candy Man

8/14/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Chumlee‘s in a battle for the domain name domination over his candy store … and winning won’t be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

The “Pawn Stars” star had his lawyers fire off a letter to Patrick Keys — the current owner of and — threatening to take legal action if he doesn’t hand over the rights to the sites. Keys has no association to the brick and mortar store that Chumlee opened 2 months ago in Vegas.

Keys tells TMZ … he’s been making his living for 20 years buying and selling domain names, and when news broke in May that Chumlee was opening the candy store … he made a smart business move by swiping the domains. He says he tried contacting Chumlee several times to work out a deal for the names, but never heard back.

Chumlee’s legal team’s not having it. His rep tells us … cybersquatter Keys jacked their trademarks while Chumlee was in the process of planning a site … and that’s why the cease and desist letter.

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