Cigarette Smoking Chimpanzee In North Korean Zoo Has Nothing Left To Lose!

There is someone trapped in a North Korean holding cell who is at least getting the pleasure of being allowed to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Not sure what she did to piss off Kim Jung-Un, but Azalea the Chimpanzee- or “Dalle” as her handlers call her, is a primate who needs her nicotine fix.

The 19-year-old is a new exhibit at the renovated zoo in the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang. Having re-opened this past July, the Zoo has quickly attracted visitors who want to see the chain smoking chimp. I’ve heard of a smoking camel, but this takes things to another level.

A zoo trainer throws Dalle a lighter and she is able to light her own smokes. The zoo claims that she does not inhale.

While many folks in America and other parts of the world would be aghast to see an animal puffing away on a pack of smokes, the good people of North Korea take no such offense. It was reported that the smoking Chimpanzee elicits not horror, but laughter from the crowd of onlookers. Maybe they realize that they are all in this together. If you’re a chimp stuck in a North Korean zoo, smoke em if ya got em right? What does she have to lose?

The zoo has been under renovations since 2014 when Kim Jong Un decided it was time to make it more modern and impressive. So instead of plating the zoo with gold trimming everywhere, they got themselves a smoking chimpanzee.  It would be more impressive if ALL of the animals were allowed to smoke. Think about it, if you went to North Korea and saw a smoking penguin, you’d be impressed right?

What do you think? Is this OK they are giving a Chimpanzee cigarettes?

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