College Student's Nude Selfie While Driving Story Is A Lesson For Us All

Attending college is a joyous time for experimenting. But the good old days of simply seeing how many people you can fit into a Volkswagen Beetle are long gone thanks to technology ruining most college students’ lives with bad decisions. Granted, it’s been decades since the whole Volkswagen Beetle thing but you get the idea.

Now however, college students are busy getting in trouble thanks to snapchatting, tweeting, and Facebooking their college experiences away instead of getting a DUI and having panty raids like the good Lord intended. One student at Texas A&M got into some big trouble thanks to a little simple selfie fun on her way home.

20-year-old Miranda Kay Rader decided to take a fun Snapchat while she was driving, but this wasn’t just any fun selfie. Rader wanted to take a nude selfie while behind the wheel, which ended with her slamming her vehicle into the back of a cop car. The police statement read “Miranda Kay Rader, 20, hit a parked police car Wednesday around 8:30 p.m. in the 2500 block of East Villa Maria Road, about five miles north of the Texas A&M campus in College Station.”

When Police Officer John Sartell got out of his car with a presumed “What the fuck?!” look on his face, he approached Rader’s vehicle and noticed she wasn’t dressed.

“She stated that she was taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at the red light,” Sartell said in the affidavit, adding that Rader had on an unclasped bra and was attempting to put on a black blouse when the officer approached her vehicle.

To make matters worse, Sartell found an open wine bottle in her car. Rader said that she drank some of the wine at her friends house and was on her way home when the mood to send her boyfriend a sexy Snapchat struck her. And that’s when she struck the fuck out of Sartell’s patrol vehicle. Unfortunately, there’s no official word if it was a really good nude selfie or not.

Rader was booked for driving while intoxicated and having an open container in the car. She was released on a $2,000 bond the following morning. $2,000 that Sallie Mae is pissed she will never see.

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