College Students Were Blown Away When This Celebrity Showed Up As Their Driver

The University of Texas has implemented a cool new safety feature on their campus for anyone walking around late from their night courses. It’s called SURE and stands for Students United for Rape Elimination, one would assume in light of the Brock Turner case in which he was caught raping a fellow student by a dumpster. Well now Texas is a little bit more prepared because any student going to the school could get a ride in one of their SURE carts so they don’t have to walk home alone. Lucky for some of the students, they got a surprise driver this week in the form of an Academy Award winner who thinks safety is alright alright alright.

The girl in the back is totally over his Tropic Thunder stories.

Matthew McConaughey decided to lend his other talents as a driver to the University for their SURE program, surprising students who had no idea he would be the one to escort them to their on-campus locations. And if any weirdos tried to make a move, he would go full Lincoln Lawyer on their ass!

McConaughey, who graduated from the same school in ’93, had been donating a lot of his time to the school recently, even teaching a course on filmmaking which honestly had to’ve been pretty cool. However the whole SURE driving thing seems like a step down from teaching so we’re hoping that his next move will be to sprinkle kitty litter on the weekend puke outside of the dormitories.

Much like wearing a helmet when you take your bike for a ride, most students going to the college probably think calling SURE for a ride home that’s less than half a mile away would look pretty lame, so this was an interesting way to show the students that it’s okay to call the service let alone remind them it’s available. Once the students caught wind that McConaughey was driving one of the SURE carts for the night, you would think there wasn’t a cooler way to get home.

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