Computer Scientists Urge Clinton To Demand Vote Recount In Three Swing States!

While today it is being reported that Hillary Clinton is ahead in the popular vote count by at least two million votes, computer scientists and voting experts are urging her campaign to call for a recount in several swing states. This could potentially flip the Electoral College count to her favor and deny Donald Trump the presidency. The group claims that voting irregularities in the closely contested states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan may mean that the election was HACKED.

Is this just hopeful liberals and Democrats still whining that their candidate lost, or could there be any merit to these claims? After all, before Election Day many election experts had warned us that the election was definitely going to be rigged.

Computer scientists looked at the results in counties in these states that offered TWO types of voting. Ballots filled out via paper ballots that get scanned (similar to the old Scantron test sheet bubbles we filled out in school) and systems where voters directly put their vote into a computer. In Wisconsin, counties that used the direct computer voting systems, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes than in places with paper ballots. They argue that the paper ballots were not able to be hacked yet the discrepancy with the computer ballots is statistically significant.

This could have cost Clinton up to 30K votes where she only lost to Trump by 27k votes. Michigan was lost by 11k votes and Pennsylvania by about 68K votes. A recount in these three states could push her over the 270 Electoral votes needed. Already six Electors have agreed to flip their vote against Donald Trump; however that is still not enough for Clinton to pull ahead.

So if voting systems in these states actually were hacked, who could be behind an attack on American Democracy so egregious that it actually swung a presidential election? Maybe it was Tila Tequila and the Alt Right? She’s pretty good with computers. She just got her entire Twitter account suspended for posting a Nazi salute in support of Trump.

Maybe it was Russia? NSA Director Michael Rogers said that he has no doubt that the WikiLeaks hack of the Democratic National Committee was done by Russia. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal he said:

“There shouldn’t be any doubt in anybody’s mind. This was not something that was done casually; this was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily.”

So perhaps Vladimir Putin helped his friend Donald get in the White House by adding a some votes in a few key swing states? Or maybe all the votes were sent via Hillary’s emails and accidently got deleted?

If the Clinton team wants to challenge the results in these states, deadlines for a recount are fast approaching. This Friday being the cutoff in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania on Monday and in Michigan, November 30th. Trump fans need not fret as there is one big Hillary supporter who would rather the election was just over with so he can move on with his life. Barrack Obama. Reports have said that The Obama Administration doesn’t want Hillary and co to follow through with any kind of recount or investigation as they are focused on a peaceful transition of power to Trump and just want the whole shebang to be over with. One last time; Thanks Obama!

Do you think the election was hacked?!

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