Conor McGregor Bruised But Still Partying for Friend's Wedding in Ibiza

Conor McGregor

My Party Train’s in Ibiza Now

… Black Eye and All!!

9/4/2017 9:10 AM PDT


Conor McGregor looks every bit like a guy who has 100 million reasons to smile and laugh — even with a big ole shiner — and did just that for a friend’s wedding in Ibiza.

The UFC champ looked like the life of the party during the Sunday wedding and reception. Conor and his gf, Dee Devlin, jetted over to the event … one week removed from his awesomely entertaining fight with Floyd Mayweather.

As we showed you … Conor’s been partying as if HE’d won the fight, and he kept that going with his pals. Yeah, he’s still sporting a black eye, but he’s clearly not the least bit down about it.  

$100 million does a lot for your mood.

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