Conor McGregor — I Will K.O. Nate Diaz … In 2nd Round!!!

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Conor McGregor says Nate Diaz will NOT make it to the 3rd round of their rematch … predicting a 2ND ROUND K.O. at UFC 202. 

McGregor was answering questions on the UFC 202 media conference call Friday — when he admitted that he underestimated Nate’s chin and toughness the first time around … but he won’t make that mistake again. 

“He weathered the storm,” Conor said … “I’m just gonna be a lot more prepared for a man that can stay in there with me.”

That being said … Conor said confidently — “I will K.O. him inside the 2nd round.”

Funny moment though … Conor says Nate was a “heavy bag with eyeballs” during the first round and a half of their first fight. 

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