Conor McGregor — John Cena's A 'Failed Mr. Olympia Mother F*****'

Conor McGregor continued his all out assault on the WWE, this time going after one of the company’s biggest stars … John Cena and calling him a “failed Mr. Olympia mother f*****.”

McGregor did a Q&A at Shine Alternative Fitness in Vegas Friday and made it VERY clear, he thinks today’s WWE Superstars are a bunch of “dweebs.” However, McGregor really tore into Cena, mocking his bright orange shirts and “you can’t see me” catch phrase. 

Conor did clear one thing up though, he’s got no hard feelings for Ric Flair who put the UFC star on blast last week.

Take a look at the clip to see who else he spares. 

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