Conor McGregor Jr. Baby Photo, Mean Muggin' For Daddy!

Conor McGregor Jr’

Baby’s 1st Pic

Mean Muggin’ for Daddy

5/7/2017 6:41 AM PDT

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Here he is … Conor McGregor Jr. … and the kid is already killin’ social media. 

Conor McGregor posted the very first pic of his new baby early Sunday morning — a kid with steely eyes and a tough lookin’ jaw.  Kid’s got a big right arm, too.  

He’ll clearly destroy all other babies in the maternity ward. 

The UFC superstar’s girlfriend Dee Devlin looks great — smiling with the kid at Coombe Maternity Hospital in Ireland, where the baby was born Friday night. 

By the way, Conor Jr. is already proving to be a massive hit on social media — with more than 40,000 followers on Instagram in the first 48 hours of his life. 

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