Cool Job Alert: Japan Hiring Real-Life Ninjas

The world is full of crappy jobs, but there are of course some cool ones out there as well to balance things out. If your dream job involves channeling your inner nine year old, the Japanese prefecture of Aichi has a help wanted sign out there that is almost too good to be true. Yep, calling all Ninjas – apply here.

As part of the run-up to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Japan, they are looking for six new members of the Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hanzo Hattori Ninja Team to help promote tourism. Actually, to help promote “warlord tourism,” as they are calling it – which is waaaay cooler anyway.


Applicants are really more glorified acrobats than bona fide ninjas (sorry dude, you don’t actually get to kill anyone and say it’s part of the job), and the pay is only $19,000 a year, but it still qualifies as a super cool gig. You don’t even have to speak Japanese.


Aichi’s Tourism Promotion Department said that “ninjas are basically required to be secretive. Our ninjas also have to be good at talking to promote tourism.”


Although you don’t get to be a teenage mutant turtle or even get to kick any genuine ass, those chosen will forever be able to put on their resume that they were actual ninjas in Japan.


According to the official Facebook page: “Those who want to work as a ninja in Aichi prefecture from overseas, you can apply for the ninja audition by sending resume (photo required) via e-mail. The first screening is documentary examination, and final is audition (interview and demonstration of your performance).”


Feel free to let us know of any cooler jobs than that in the comment section below.


Source: NBC News 

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