Cop Kept Knife Found At O.J. Simpson’s House: LAPD Now Testing It!

In 1998 O.J. Simpson’s Brentwood house was demolished by the new owner. A construction worker at the site found a knife buried on the property. The worker dutifully took it outside and found the first police officer he could on the street. This officer had been off duty, working security on a movie shoot across from Simpson’s old house. However, instead of turning it in to the department- the officer kept the knife for himself – even planning to frame it and have the frame engraved with the case number to hang on his wall as the possible O.J. murder weapon. 

O.J.’s old house that was demolished in 1998. Image source.

However when the now retired officer called his friend at the LAPD homicide division this past year to get the case number, and explained his possession of the dubious “memorabilia” – that homicide detective was rightfully outraged and told his superiors who in turn demanded the former traffic cop turn over new evidence. After all The Juice, famed author of “If I Did It” was found NOT guilty all those years ago. This means that technically the murder investigation is still open.

Someone alert Norm McDonald: we need new O.J. knife jokes, stat!

The knife from O.J.’s former estate on Rockingham Ave- where the infamous bloody glove and other evidence were collected, is now being tested in the crime lab by the LAPD for possible DNA and blood evidence. The bad news is that even if they find some new evidence linking Simpson to the murders; the pesky “Double Jeopardy” clause of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution forbids citizens from being put on trial twice for the same crime once a verdict has been reached. Oh, O.J.! Maybe President Trump can fix this.

The good news is that O.J. is currently in jail for something else. Yay!

If you have been watching the new FX miniseries, The People Vs O.J. Simpson it has been a trip down memory lane; specifically Bundy Ave. in Los Angeles, site of the condo where OJ Simpson’s wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered in 1994.

Really, though; you got to see this; David Schwimmer says ‘The Juice” so weird. Also: Travolta is pure WTF insanity.

It is also a reminder of all the evidence they had against Simpson and your 20 year rage filled thought of “holy crap how did they not convict that guy?!” (Spoiler alert.) Well it seems that one piece of evidence didn’t make it to “The Trial of The Century.”  (I always thought the term “Trial of the Century” was a bit much- really- an ex-football player who murdered his wife? You know in that same century they put actual Nazis on trial for war crimes, right?)

What do you think? Will this knife finally confirm once and for all that O.J. did it?

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