Corey Lewandowski Sued for Threatening Neighbors with Baseball Bat

Donald Trump

Ex-Campaign Mgr. Sued

He Threatened us with a Baseball Bat

8/16/2017 8:05 AM PDT

President Donald Trump‘s ex-campaign manager threatened his neighbors with a baseball bat and vaguely threatened to get the President involved … this according to a new lawsuit.

Corey Lewandowski — the same guy infamously charged with misdemeanor battery for manhandling a reporter at a Trump campaign event in 2016 — allegedly threatened to use his political connections to bury his neighbors after a land dispute.

In docs, Glenn and Irene Schwartz also claim Lewandowski intimidated them by standing outside with a baseball bat. The beef stems over Lewandowski’s claim — in a $5 million lawsuit — his neighbors blocked access to his pond-front lot in Windham, New Hampshire.

The neighbors countersued … alleging the threats caused them emotional distress, and that Lewandowski illegally tapped into a private well on their property disrupting their electrical power. The Schwartzes are suing for unspecified damages.

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