Cortez Kennedy Hospitalized Days Before Death, Swollen Legs

Cortez Kennedy

Hospitalized Days Before Death

… Swollen Legs

6/5/2017 3:04 PM PDT


NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy was hospitalized for swollen legs just days before he died … and the information could hold the clue as to why he passed away. 

TMZ Sports obtained the police report in the 48-year-old’s death — which says Kennedy had a called a friend the night before he died because he was concerned about his health. 

During the call, Kennedy said he was feeling dizzy and asked the friend to check on him in the morning to make sure he was okay. 

Sadly, by the time the friend went to Kennedy’s Orlando, FL home on May 23rd, he was already dead.

Investigators say medical paperwork found in Kennedy’s home confirm he was hospitalized from May 10th to May 15th.

Though a cause of death has not been revealed, it wouldn’t be far fetched to link his death to his hospital stay the week before. Swollen legs can sometimes be a symptom of anything from a blood clot to diabetes to heart failure. 

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