'Cosby Show' Actor Earle Hyman Dead at 91

‘Cosby Show’ Actor

Earle Hyman Dead at 91

11/19/2017 5:39 PM PST

Earle Hyman, the man who played Bill Cosby‘s father on “The Cosby Show,” has died. 

Hyman passed away Friday at the Lillian Booth Actors Home in New Jersey, according to a rep for The Actors Fund. 

The actor was a veteran theatre performer, having made his Broadway debut in “Run, Little Chillun” in 1943 and starring in multiple plays over the course of his career. He has more than 40 acting credits attributed to his name from movies and TV roles. 

Hyman was perhaps most famous for playing Cosby’s TV dad, Russell Huxtable — he even got nominated for a guest performer Emmy in 1986 for his portrayal. Hyman was also well known as a voice actor on the ’80s cartoon show “ThunderCats.”

He was 91. 

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