Could Pluto Really Support Life?

Data from NASA’s New Horizon’s flyby of Pluto showed some shocking findings that suggest that the dwarf planet Pluto can support life. This article isn’t about that Pluto, it’s about the Disney character Pluto.

Pluto is a big goofy cartoon dog that was created by Walt Disney in 1930. Can this cartoon dog support life? Let’s find out.

This picture of Pluto playing with a few birds seems to indicate that he can support life, or at least life in it’s animated form but I’m not sold yet. Since this is a still image, the jury is still out on what he did before or after this. Maybe he ate the birds? Maybe he raised them from birth? It’s really tough to tell with such little context.

Pluto looks pretty heartbroken in this picture. His doghouse looks to be in pretty rough shape, which is a bad sign if he wants to support life in there. His sad expression at least shows that he’s capable of emotion and he isn’t a dog sociopath. Being capable of empathy in some small way shows that he is capable of supporting life. It’s not concrete evidence, but it at least leads me to believe that it is possible.

This photo of Pluto watering a flower with what appears to be milk is concerning. I want to believe that Pluto can support life, but if he doesn’t know how much water you’re supposed to water plants with, or even what liquid you’re supposed to use then I just don’t know if he can support life.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s happening in this picture. Pluto is wearing what looks like a Confederate flag as a diaper while wearing a prosthetic beard or holding a broom with his mouth. This doesn’t give me much, if any information to go on. I genuinely have no idea if Pluto can or can’t support life after looking at this picture.

I could go either way on this picture of Pluto growling at a dog. If this dog is his son or daughter, then it makes me worry that he can’t support and nurture life. If he’s growling at this dog because there is some living thing just off frame that he is protecting, then this is a great example of him supporting life. Him being quick to anger is either a negative, or a positive depending on if he’s being protective or operating on spite. It will take years of research before I will truly know which option applies here.

This picture of Pluto carrying puppies on his head and back as he runs full speed into the distance looks cute. Cute and dangerous. Those puppies aren’t wearing helmets, seat belts, or any type of protective gear. It wouldn’t take much for them to fall off of their father and injure themselves. Though the investigation on if Pluto can support life or not is still open and ongoing, this is pretty damning evidence against him.

Do you think Walt Disney’s Pluto is capable of supporting life? Let us know in the comments!

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