Could Teresa Giudice Have Found Fame Without 'RHONJ' Fans?

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice just learned that her book, Turning The Tables, has stayed on the bestsellers list for another week. And it sounds like Teresa is thrilled with this news, as she has been meeting fans, celebrating on Twitter, and even spending plenty of time filming the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to a new tweet, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she wouldn’t be able to do everything she does without her fans – and she may be right. 

“I am thankful for everyone who has supported me over the years, without you all none of this would be possible,” Teresa Giudice revealed on Twitter, hinting that she is very thankful for the continuous support.

Of course, Giudice wouldn’t be able to do anything without the Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers. If the show didn’t get great ratings, Bravo would probably cancel the show. In addition, Teresa would need people to buy her books to become a bestselling author. But people seem to be split down the middle about the Giudice family.

Some people accept that Teresa was found guilty and served her time. These people believe that she should get a second chance, especially since her husband is also turning him in on March 23 to serve over three years. And then there are the people, who believe that she shouldn’t get the reality television fame, especially since she is a convicted convict. Giudice was able to get out of her debt because of her book deals, her products and her role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Only time will tell whether things will turn around for her.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s fame and success? Are you surprised that she’s able to move forward from her legal troubles with the support of the Bravo network?

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