Courtney Love Warned Actresses in 2005 to Stay Clear of Harvey Weinstein (UPDATE)

Courtney Love

Warned Actresses in 2005

Stay Clear of Weinstein

10/14/2017 9:29 AM PDT


11:45 AM PT — Courtney has responded to our story, saying … “Although I wasn’t one of his victims, I was eternally banned by CAA for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein.”

More proof of the biggest lie in Hollywood … that no one knew about the shenanigans of Harvey Weinstein

We found this video — circa 2005 — from the red carpet event for the Pamela Anderson Comedy Central Roast. 

Courtney Love is asked if she has advice for young women trying to make it in Hollywood. She hesitates — fearing what she says could land her in court — but then she goes for it, warning women to decline an invite from Weinstein at a swanky Bev Hills hotel. 

Love was not afraid to be seen in public with Weinstein. Here she is in 2012 with Jessica Chastain, interacting with Harvey Weinstein at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

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