Crazy Girlfriend Gives Her Boyfriend Insane Rule Book For His Trip With Friends

If you’re young but in a serious relationship, that first time when your partner takes a trip without the you, it can be a crucial moment. Especially if that trip is supposed to be friends only. However some girls are actually willing to let their dudes enjoy themselves because they know they can trust them. This girl on the other hand couldn’t hide her crazy so she created a damn rule book for her boyfriend to keep under his pillow.

Is she worth the nonsense?

Whitney Travers found out her boyfriend was going on a “dudes only” trip to Magaluf so she decided to keep him in check by writing down some reminders for him to follow. What evolved was an actual rule book that almost took away any possible fun for him to have…which was pretty much the point. No wonder this guy wanted to only go with his friends, his lady would’ve been too busy tying a noose around his junk for him to have any fun at all!

The rule book starts innocent enough with its cover.

But then she gets right down to business with Rule #1, “Make sure your phone is charged at ALL times.” She’s a crafty one because now the guy can’t use the old “my phone died” excuse because that’s screwing up the first rule. It’s even worse because she asks him to call her at least once a day for a total of 2 minutes for each call. Holy shit.

Of course most of the rules that follow are about other girls and how, without saying, she’ll tear his eyes out if he even looks at one. But, y’know, written in pink and blue highlighter as a normal person would do.

What, no rules for the flight? Handjobs for everyone!

So what the hell is a Magaluf anyway? No, it’s not a house in Hogwarts. It’s the Cancun of Europe, where people go to get drunk and bang. So it’s no wonder that once she found out her boyfriend was going with a group of guys, she panicked and felt the need to set him straight.

Magaluf, where relationships go to die.

It’s actually kind of amazing she didn’t plainly state that he was not allowed to actually bang anyone else, but instead just mentioning everything else about other girls. Maybe this is a giant loophole the guy could use in the case he’s caught. But regardless, she seems like the type to think he did something wrong whether he did or not so let’s hope she didn’t rip his dick off immediately upon his return.

Would you still be with a chick if she wrote you a rule book?


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