Creepy: Guy Finds Tinder Pic Of Girl He Doesn’t Know Taken In His House!

A Nineteen year-old student named Mark Kowalczyk was perusing the old Tinder app, swiping left and right when he saw a young lady who peaked his interest, but not for the reasons you might expect. A girl he did not know, or had any memory of meeting was using, for her Tinder profile, a selfie pic taken in his bathroom.

Now maybe Mark got so loaded one night he did not recall a rendezvous with the gal or perhaps some old guy was trying to Catfish people by photoshoping this random girl into Mark’s bathroom. OR maybe she was still living in his walls, ready to jump out at any moment?


This could be the beginning of one of those thriller movies where unbeknownst to poor Mark, he has an entire other life that he has mysteriously forgotten. Maybe he is living in a Jason Bourne situation and he is a secret super soldier ready to be activated at any moment and this girl is his handler.

So Mark took to Twitter to find out how the girl named Jenna Zagrodniczek ended up in his room without his knowledge.


And that is where things got even weirder. The girl in question responded to his Tweet which was quickly going viral. However instead of clearing things up the mystery depended when she tweeted a photo of her on HIS PORCH.

So does Mark have a stalker? If I were him, I’d be seriously freaked out. That was when Mark remembered that he has recently hosted several house parties. While he still doesn’t ever remember meeting Jenna, the pair eventually concluded that this is how she ended up in his bathroom. Mystery solved.

What would you do if you saw a picture of someone you don’t know… in your house?

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