Cute Girl Can Lick Her Own EYE And Elbow!

We see a lot of amazing things here at Break. However this young lady has a talent unparalleled in modern times. Forget what you think you know about tongues, Gerkary Bracho from Florida is about to blow YOUR MIND.

She’s 20 years old FYI, so that thought you just had is OK. Phew! They should totally put tongue gymnastics in the next Olympics. For one, NBC would be sure to get higher ratings than they did this year. For two, America would bring home the gold with this gal. USA! USA! USA!

This talented woman is able to touch her tongue to her elbow. Most human beings cannot do that. She can also lick her own eye and shove her tongue up each of her own nostrils. This had led her to receive over 5K Instagram followers.

The amazing tongue is reportedly four inches long. The current World Record Holder for World’s Longest Tongue is a guy by the name of Nick Stoeberl from California coming in at just 3.97 inches. So she might actually have the world’s longest tongue! Do you think she has a shot at the title? Watch this video to give your full assessment:

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