'Cyborg' Santos — Screw My Skull Fracture … I Want to Fight in 3 Months (VIDEO)


Despite the large painful dent in his forehead, MMA fighter Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos says he wants to fight again … IN 3 MONTHS!!! 

We spoke to Santos’ ex-wife, Cris “Cyborg” Justino, — who says she spoke with Santos Monday and insists he’s doing well after suffering the brutal injury from a flying knee on Saturday at Bellator 158. 


Justino says … Santos is talking normal and already making plans to fly to Houston to undergo surgery on his head. She also told us Santos’ life is not in danger. 

But the craziest part … Santos is already talking about scheduling ANOTHER fight before the end of the year! 

Will it happen? Justino tells us the doctors haven’t ruled out a comeback fight … but it might take some time. 

Meantime, Justino launched a GoFundMe page to help her ex with his medical costs. 


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