Cyle Larin DUI Arrest Video Shows Insanely Dangerous Driving

Cyle Larin

DUI Arrest Video

Shows Insanely Dangerous Driving

6/15/2017 1:46 PM PDT

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TMZ Sports has obtained the Cyle Larin DUI arrest video — which shows the soccer star speeding down an Orlando street on the wrong side of the road. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. 

Larin — the #1 overall pick in the 2015 MLS Draft — was arrested around 2:30 AM early Thursday morning after an officer spotted him. 

In the video, 22-year-old Larin straight LIES about his sobriety — initially claiming he hadn’t had a drink all night. The officer says the odor of booze is obvious and Larin changes his story. 

Larin also tried to play the “I’m Not From Here” card — saying he’s from Toronto and he didn’t know which side of the road to drive on. 

The officer calls BS and places him under arrest. 

Larin tells the officer he plays for the Orlando City pro soccer team — and says the team employs cops to get players out of DUI trouble. 

Once again, the officer isn’t fazed.  

Larin was eventually taken to a nearby station where he was booked for DUI. 

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