Day Two Of NFL Free Agency And Johnny Manziel Is Still A Cleveland Brown

Johnny Manziel

With all the off-field issues, controversies, and drama circulating around quarterback Johnny Manziel, it is amazing that the Cleveland Browns have yet release him after saying publicly that they were planning to move on from the troubled former Heisman winner at the start of the new league year (March 9th). 

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns are reportedly holding out hope that they can work out a trade for a late-round draft pick in exchange for Manziel. It may not be the best strategy to keep a player on your roster who is the center of an off-field domestic violence case with a former girlfriend and clearly has a substance abuse issue, but, there could some reasoning behind all of this.

So far, the quarterback class of this year’s free agency has made some pretty big decisions. Brock Osweiler chose to play for the Houston Texans over the defending champion Denver Broncos while Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets have broken off contract talks. So, basically, the Broncos and Jets are without a starting quarterback right now, unless you count Geno Smith and Trevor Siemian. The Browns are trying to gain leverage and are holding out hope that either the Jets or Broncos would be desperate enough to trade a fourth or fifth round pick for the troubled Manziel, but with the way Manziel has acted the last several months it is hard to believe that a franchise would want to add Manziel to their roster, no matter how desperate they may be. 

The Browns are in a no-win position here as they hold a player with absolutely no trade value and is clearly a hazard and a distraction both on and off the field. No NFL team wants to put up with the ridiculousness that comes with the lifestyle of “Johnny Football,” so the Browns may as well just do themselves a favor and cut ties with Manziel as soon as possible. It would be a complete shock if another NFL team ever gave Manziel another chance in the future, nevermind allow him to compete for their starting quarterback job in 2016. 

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