Deadly Spider Bites Peeing Australian Man On His Penis

Every man’s nightmare came true for one unlucky Australian on Wednesday. A man known only as Jordan was hospitalized after getting bit on the penis by a highly venomous redback spider while using a porta-potty.

The unfortunate incident occurred at a construction site south of Sydney at around 8:45 AM. Paramedics were called to the scene but the man, later confirmed as being 21 years old, managed to obtain his own transportation to the hospital.

Fortunately, the man received a dose of antivenom before the redback’s bite could prove fatal and has since been declared stable. 

According to Associate Professor Julian White from Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, such incidents used to be the norm in Australia. 

“Going back 80 years or so when people were still using outhouse toilets it was extremely common, something like up to 80 per cent of cases of spider bites were bites on the male genitalia,” he told The Advertiser. “Typically they were using the toilet. But it’s much less common now, I can’t think of a case.” 

Around 2,000 people are bitten by redbacks each year. While deaths from redback bites have almost been eliminated thanks to the development of an antivenom, a 22-year-old Australian man died from a bite just last year.

Jordan is in for an excruciating recovery, White says. “A bite from a redback is certainly going to make the patient very miserable… you’d experience pain — pain as the venom stimulates the nerves around the bite — along with swelling and increased blood pressure.”



Source: The Advertiser
Photo: Wikipedia

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