Deadpool 2 Video Announces Free Tattoos at Brazil Comic-Con

If you’re heading to Brazil Comic Con this year, you can get a free Deadpool tattoo in celebration of Deadpool 2. That’s right. 20th Century Fox, in order to help promote the release of Deadpool 2 next year, is offering fans attending the event in Brazil free tattoos of the Merc With a Mouth. There is no catch and anyone attending can sign up to get one. There are four different Deadpool tattoos to choose from and, the only real downside is you’ll be stuck with that on your body forever. But it will make for a good story.

The promotion was announced by Ryan Reynolds, via a video with him in character as Deadpool. In the video, he talks about his many fans in Brazil and wanting to do something special. He then claims to have learned their language perfectly and discusses the promotion. His voice is then clearly dubbed by a female who actually knows how to speak the language. Here’s what he (or she) had to say about the promotion in the video.

“Do you want my body, on yours, forever? Well, let’s make those dreams come true! This year, at Brazil Comic Con, I’m sending some moderately-trained tattoo artists to use your bare naked flesh as a beautiful skin canvas, letting their ink-filled needles dance across your body like Shakira in a soda commercial. The best part is this are completely free and won’t cost you a thing. Just sign a lengthy mandated waiver and get ready to take the good ol’ back alley roll of the hepatitis dice.”

Deadpool 2 is set to be released on June 1, 2018, which means we should be getting more of these promotional stunts over the course of the next six months. The first poster for the movie was recently revealed in an issue of Good Housekeeping and the first teaser trailer features Wade Wilson pretending to be Bob Ross, with only choice bits of footage. The video continues, with Deadpool laying out the options for these tattoos.

“But let’s talk options, because this is one decision you’re going to be stuck with for a while. Love, like the love I have for my right hand…and nude samba dancing. Family, specifically, your mom. God, she makes an amazing breakfast. Pride, for your country and for its leading export, supermodels. Prison, whether it’s your first time, or your last, it’s where you get the best cuddles.”

Ryan Reynolds is as committed to this character as ever and the fans are better off for it. Even if Deadpool 2 sucks, which we hope it won’t, we’re at least going to be in for another very entertaining marketing campaign. If you want one of these free Deadpool tattoos and are going to be at Brazil Comic Con, you can sign up at Space is limited, so if you really want one, get on it. You can check out the full video, featuring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, for yourself below.

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