Deadpool 2 Video Trading Cards Break Down Character Powers

Deadpool 2 is now less than two months away from hitting theaters and 20th Century Fox has stepped up the promotional campaign for the upcoming sequel by releasing the power abilities of the female characters on a cool set of video trading cards. While there are some bits of serious tone, this is a movie featuring the Merc with a Mouth, so they’re all pretty comical when it comes down to it, and you wouldn’t expect anything else from the production. Hopefully the studio keeps up with these and releases some more for the male characters as well.

The first of the character abilities that was released was Vanessa Carlysle, who is played by Morena Baccarin in Deadpool 2. Her power rating card puts her strength at a 2, but she has high marks in the bad childhood department as well as optimism and the ability to tolerate Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). She is described as an “ex-hooker with a heart of gold,” with an impressive attitude. Additionally, she is Wade’s moral compass and the future mother of his child, which is pretty interesting to say the least. Her weaknesses include bad references to Empire and ski ball.

Next up is Zazie Beetz’s Domino character, and surprisingly (or not), she lacks strength, according to her power rating card. Wade Wilson may have been the one to actually fill these cards out… Domino’s strength is posted at a 3, while her luck and style are both at perfect 10s. Strangely enough, her fighting skills are placed at a 7 while her weaknesses appear to be gambling. Her power card mentions that she should avoid casinos and scratchers. Domino is a mercenary mutant who has the skill to match Wade Wilson’s in Deadpool 2 and she might not be as lucky as her power card suggests.

Next up on the power abilities list is Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who is played by Brianna Hildebrand and returning for Deadpool 2. She’s a mutant with a crazy ability to set off atomic blasts with her body. Negasonic Teenage Warhead also has a wit to match Wade Wilson’s, but apparently only has a strength rating of a 3. Her explosion manipulation is rated as a 10, with her attitude at a solid 8, placing her fighting skills at a respectable 6.

Last, but certainly not least, is Blind Al, who is played by Leslie Uggams and also returns for Deadpool 2. Blind Al serves as Wade’s advisor who can put up with quite a bit and can reportedly rip a mean fart as well. Her sight level is obviously at a zero, while her sense of smell is a 10. However, it’s her attitude that gets her by with a power rating of 11. These humorous social media versions of trading cards are an excellent way to promote Deadpool 2, while giving you some insight into the characters and where they fit into the story. You can check them all out below, thanks to the Deadpool Movie Twitter account.

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