Deion Sanders DESTROYS Tony Romo, 'You Ain't Won Nothin'

Deion Sanders


… ‘You Ain’t Won Nothin’

11/6/2017 7:49 AM PST

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Deion Sanders destroyed Tony Romo. There’s really no cute or punchy way to put it. The guy opened up his Hall of Fame mouth and ate the soul of Romo live on television.

It happened because Tony dissed Deion’s tackling ability again, calling out Chiefs player Marcus Peters for not sticking his nose in a hit and saying MP “makes Deion Sanders look good in tackling.”

Prime obviously had enough, ’cause he used his platform on “NFL GameDay,” and pushed Romo off it … here are some highlights.

“You’re 2-4 in the playoffs, you ain’t won nothing.”

“I got a gold jacket that I didn’t buy. Dak says hi, and bye.” (That one had to hurt.)

“19 interceptions in 2012! You threw to everyone but me!”

BTW, we got Deion out a couple days ago and asked him about people (Romo) ribbing him about his tackling. If you look at him closely, you can see the storm brewing.

No response from Romo yet, but take our advice and don’t throw over there.

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