Demi Lovato Has A Problem With TIME’s Person Of The Year

Demi Lovato


There’s really nothing more on brand for Demi Lovato than going on Twitter and shitting on something positive or telling somebody what they should be doing then deleting the tweets later and asking why you think what she tweeted was news because there’s bigger things people should be worried about. So, naturally, she has a take on 2017 TIME’s Person Of The Year.


We can assume she’s talking about Taylor Swift here. Or Nicki Minaj. Or any other person she’s passive aggressively shaded on Twitter.

Valid point (the runner-up was Donald Trump).


I men, they were on the cover, but still. “It’s annoying that it’s just about impact on the news.” I don’t know what that means. Maybe people who hang around Demi Lovato know. I love Demi, because if she wasn’t famous and had to seem normal, she’d be tweeting about how everyone in Congress are humanoid lizards and how Amazon Echo can read your mind WAKE UP SHEEPLE.


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