Derrick Rose Judge — Shoots Down Pseudonym Appeal … 'This Is Not a State Secrets Case'


0923-derrick-rose-gettyThe judge in the Derrick Rose rape case reaffirmed his decision and will NOT allow the accuser to use a pseudonym during the trial … saying, “This is not a state secrets case.” 

As we previously reported, the accuser had asked the judge to reconsider after he previously ruled that she must use her real name. But in a hearing Thursday afternoon, the judge shot her down.

“This is not a state secrets case,” Judge Michael Fitzgerald said … adding that the media could easily find out her real name. 

The judge also admonished the accuser for fighting to protect her identity when her name is already known to many people and can be easily discovered by the media. 

The trial is set to begin on October 4th. 

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