Derrick Rose — The Dramatic Courtroom Sketches (PHOTOS)

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1006-derrik-rose-mona-shafer-edwards-03Here are the courtroom sketches from inside the Derrick Rose rape trial — showing the NBA star’s accuser weeping on the stand as she told her side of the story in an L.A. courtroom. 

1006-derrik-rose-mona-shafer-edwards-04As we previously reported, Rose — sporting a suit with a blue tie — showed up the proceedings 2 hours late on Thursday — entering the courtroom while the accuser was on the stand.

1006-derrik-rose-mona-shafer-edwards-02During the trial, Rose didn’t appear to make eye contact with accuser at all — spending most of the proceeding looking down at his hands and staring off. 

1006-derrik-rose-mona-shafer-edwards-01Rose did not take the stand today and did not talk with reporters on his way out of court. 

The accuser is due back on the stand Friday. 

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