Derrick Rose's Lawyer — 'Media Was Biased Against the Black Men' … Props to the Jury (VIDEO)

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Derrick Rose‘s lawyer says the media had a racist agenda against 3 black defendants in the civil rape case — but says the mostly white jury was able to see the truth. 

The NBA star was all smiles on his way out of court — and while he barely talked, his attorney, Mark Baute, played the role of mouthpiece and unloaded on reporters. 

“The media reporting was biased against the black men,” Haute said … “blatantly obvious.”

“We’re just very relieved that the system worked. We had  a jury of 7 white people and 1 hispanic who exonerated 3 black men. It was fantastic.”

But get this … before they left the courthouse, Rose and his team posed for pictures WITH JURORS!!!

1019-derrick-rose-attorney-jurors-01In fact, the two male jurors in the photo (taken by Deadspin’s Diana Moskovitz) told the media they were not Rose fans before the trial … but judging by the pic, they are now.

One last thing … the judge actually CRACKED A JOKE with Rose before he left the courtroom — telling the NBA star, “Best wishes … except when the Knicks play the Lakers.”

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