Details From The National Enquirer About Hillary's Hitman

The National Enquirer has dropped its own October Surprise it’s a doozy. Running a cover that boldly proclaims, “Hillary Hitman Tells All!” the tabloid rag claims that it has finally made contact with Bill and Hillary’s “Mr. Fix It,” a shadowy figure who was responsible for sweeping a slew of sleazy Clinton controversies under the rug and out of the public eye – all the way back to 1992.

He had worked as a “fixer” in Hollywood throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, someone who would tap into his network of journalists and publicists to prevent any unflattering stories about his clients to come to light. In 1991, the Clintons, who were then just beginning to appear on the national stage, sent a middleman to recruit Mr. Fix It for their own nefarious purposes.

While Bill remained somewhat oblivious of the arrangement, Hillary monitored Mr. Fix It more closely, secretly diverting $4,000 a month to keep him at hand. Even back then, Hillary had her sights set on a high-powered political career, and she would not let anything – or anyone – get in the way.

Whenever word of Bill’s rampant lechery threatened to go public, Hillary summoned Mr. Fix It to make the bad press go away by whatever means necessary. The underground operative describes bribing reporters and photographers, buying silence from Bill’s victims, and swapping favors on behalf of the Clintons to ensure that Hillary’s name was never tarnished.

Mr. Fix It finally quit his gig with the Clinton’s in 2008, claiming that he could no longer work with such a hostile and morally bankrupt family. He had initially planned to keep their secrets: Bill had largely faded from the public eye due to heart troubles and Hillary finally seemed content to have achieved the post of Secretary of State, a powerful job to which Mr. Fix It believed Hillary could devote herself.

However, Mr. Fix it decided that it was time to break his silence after seeing the Clinton campaign hypocritically drag Donald Trump through the mud for supposedly abusing women.

“Predictably, the liberal media is focusing on one man’s alleged misdeeds and ignoring another’s proven sins,” he wrote in his own words, adding: “Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons – many of which have yet to be revealed.”

Hillary and her pack of mainstream media guard dogs have repeatedly badgered the Trump camp for pinning Bill’s philandering onto his poor, heartbroken wife. If the bold claims in this new story are true, though, Hillary’s entire narrative falls apart.

Not only was Hillary aiding and abetting Slick Willy’s chauvinistic ways, but the supposed “victim” in the whole arrangement was also throwing wads of cash around to make sure that her husband’s extramarital conquests kept quiet.

As for Bill’s most famous fling – then-24-year-old Monica Lewinsky – the Enquirer purports that Mr. Fix It handed over a White House memo that outlined the brutal smear campaign that administration officials would deploy to keep the Clintons’ reputation intact. The memo is dated January 27, 1998, one month after Lewinsky’s final White House visit and two weeks after Linda Tripp tipped off Ken Starr about Bill’s affair.

Under strict orders from Hillary, Mr. Fix It began feeding his vast web of journos lie after lie about Lewinsky, fabricating dozens of humiliating stories about the unsuspecting young woman in a desperate effort to hide the truth. While she slyly played up her role as an unwitting victim in the public sphere, Hillary schemed behind closed doors to make sure she came out of the whole Lewinsky mess in a favorable position to facilitate her rise to power.

Mr. Fix It also claims that he played a crucial role in yet another “conspiracy theory” that has hounded the Clintons for decades: the mysterious death of Vince Foster. When Foster’s body was discovered, Mr. Fix It was ordered by White House officials to fend off the press that were already sniffing around for answers.

He later learned why: Hillary’s chief of staff had been ordered by the First Lady herself to sterilize Foster’s office of any documents that would implicate her or Bill in the Whitewater scandal. Boxes of critical documents were removed, scanned for any incriminating evidence, and then placed back into the office before investigators were called to the scene.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fix It had the unenviable task of allaying the media’s suspicion for the entirety of the two hours that Hillary had direct access to Foster’s Whitewater documents. The tabloids eventually began running their versions of the story, without any information coming from the usually-reliable Mr. Fix It.

If getting saddled with the heavy burden of the Clintons’ dirty laundry were not enough, Mr. Fix It was even called on to arrange a lesbian tryst between Hillary and a powerful Hollywood executive. He claims that he helped sneak the pair into a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel for an illicit romp.

While Hillary’s cronies in the media have swooped in to discredit the National Enquirer as a baseless gossip factory, they have conveniently ignored the many times that seemingly outlandish stories broken by the Enquirer turned out to be 100% true.

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter was broken by the Enquirer long before any other publication picked up the story, as were Tiger Woods’ multiple affairs. Rush Limbaugh’s housekeeper spilled the beans about the conservative icon’s prescription drug abuse to an Enquirer reporter.

If the sordid tale about Hillary is true, then the National Enquirer has finally exposed the bevy of skeletons in the Clinton family closet that should undoubtedly sideline her campaign in the final stretch before Election Day. It also means that the manufactured outrage over the Trump Tapes looks like child’s play next to the mountain of sex controversies in which Bill and Hillary are involved. Just don’t expect CNN to cover any of it.

To read more about Mr. Fix It and the scandals involving the Clintons, be sure to buy a copy of the National Enquirer, available on newstands now. You can also download the National Enquirer app and purchase a digital copy of the magazine.

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