DiCaprio Is Still Banging Nina Agdal

Leonardo DiCaprio

Apparently #HappyHeteroSexualPrideDay is trending because we’ve had to hide in the shadows for too long in fear of persecution. So let’s all celebrate. I think it was started by this recent virgin. I’m sure his wife is concerned about all the false flag attacks on her vagina. She also probably doesn’t get loud as the brand suggests. Anyway, we’re here to talk about America’s favorite heterosexual, Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio and his latest blond model girlfriend, Nina Agdal, are on a romantic trip to the Bahamas, even though his reps have denied they’re dating. The Oscar winner and Danish Sports Illustrated model have been spending time in the Bahamas, and visited the private island of Over Yonder Cay, which rents at an astonishing $75,000 per night with a minimum seven-night stay.

Astonishing. When you can drop half a million for a week vacation in the Bahamas, it should be assumed that a Sports Illustrated model is included in the price. If not, I’m not sure why anyone would bother. Instagram likes?

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