Did A Woman Get Served A Human Penis In Her Meal? DNA Test To Find Out?

Hopefully you are done eating or at least have a strong stomach for this next story. You have been warned, put that hot dog down! Here we go: a woman in Accra, Ghana named Akosua wanted to grab a quick bite of a local delicacy called “Tua Zaafi” but was shocked to discover one ingredient in the dish that she suspects is an entire human PENIS.

She says; ‘I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo Zaafi, which I bought and took home to eat.”

They are totally getting a bad Yelp review from Akosua.

However once she began eating the soup dish she uncovered a piece of meat inside that horrifyingly looked like a dong. She continued, telling the Daily Mail:

“I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was about finishing off with the biggest piece when I noticed the funny looking meat which looked like a male genital organ.”

At first she laughed it off, showing the phallic shaped piece of flesh to friends and family. She was just going to give it to the dogs to eat. I mean what are the chances that her local restaurant was serving up fresh man meat? And not just the tip either, like an entire choice cut of grade A ding-a-ling. Slim chances, right? So she would just give it to her blissfully unaware pooch.  After all a canine doesn’t care what his meat looks like and won’t gag from the thought of a wiener shaped.. wiener.

However the men in her family, namely her brother took one look at the “suspicious package” and thought that there was some merit to it being a piece of someone’s lost manhood. He advised her to take it to a lab for testing and call the police to report the restaurant for creating an even worse version of “Sweeney Todd” than that horrible Johnny Depp remake.

However Akosua has had trouble finding a lab what will do a proper DNA test to determine if the potential peen is in fact HUMAN.  Since the meat was cooked this makes it harder to determine the meat’s origin. A more intense forensic test would have to be done and because of lots of bureaucracy that appears to not be possible. So the knob is in her refrigerator. So either this is just an unfortunately shaped piece of meat or there is a man walking around Ghana wondering where he left his “detachable penis.”

Do you think this woman was served a real human penis?

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