Dina Lohan — Lindsay's Not Pregnant


0802-lindsay-lohan-yacht-swimming-round-belly-AKMGSI-01Lindsay Lohan is not an irresponsible beer guzzling, chimney smoking pregnant woman … she was just, well, lying — according to her mom.

Dina Lohan tells TMZ her daughter was an emotional wreck after fleeing from fiance Egor Tarabasov. As we reported, the 2 got in such a heated argument, the London cops came and actually kicked in their door.

Dina says Lindsay was just trying to get revenge on Egor — whom she accused of cavorting with a Russian chick — when she claimed she was pregnant. Things got complicated when these pics surfaced, showing her smoking, drinking and certainly looking like she might be pregnant.

Dina now says Lindsay was distraught and just “overreacted.” She’s not pregnant and wants some time away from Egor, but is not done with him. We’re told Lindsay is still engaged and plans on getting back with him.

Sam Ronson must be exhaling big time.


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