DJ Khaled's Son, Asahd Finally Cries at Meeting Justin Bieber

DJ Khaled’s Son

The Boy Who Cried Bieber!!!

6/29/2017 12:50 AM PDT


When DJ Khaled‘s son met Justin Bieber … tears were shed. 

TMZ has obtained video of Justin getting an audience with Khaled’s beloved baby boy, Asahd. The meeting went down while Asahd’s pop and JB were shooting their “I’m the One” music video, and let’s just say it didn’t go too well.

Asahd — who famously never cries or fusses in public — gave Justin the once-over, and then came the bawling. The Biebs tried his best to soothe the kid … NOT by singing, “Baby,” but that would’ve been cool.

Khaled’s spawn always gets his way — look at him, you can see why — and even Justin knows it. 

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