Do You Think This Chef Should Have Been Fired For Serving Vegans Animal Meat?

Trying to find a place to eat with a vegan is possibly one of the more annoying things to do on earth. For the rest of us meat eaters, we could really throw a damn rock and be fine with whatever restaurant we end up at. For a vegan however, it’s a whole different story. One chef knows how much of a pain in the ass most vegans are and decided to have a little evil fun with them by putting actual animal meat in their ordered meals. However now he claims it was just a joke he said online.

The chef pictured above is Alex Lambert and he just loves knowing that you’re getting a little chicken in your weird tofu salad. But Lambert failed to not be an idiot and post his little hobby online during an argument with a vegan where he revealed that those broccoli side dishes contain a bit of animal flesh. Mwahahaha!

Lambert’s response to an animal right’s activist spawned more vegans to take notice of the restaurant he worked at and actually reported him for abuse. An investigation was completed and no evidence of what Lambert had claimed was found. Lambert then told authorities that he was simply in a heated online argument with an activist and decided to say something that apparently he shouldn’t have. He says he was just trying to get a rise out of the woman, but unfortunately that comment led to him getting sacked.

Non-meat eaters saw Lambert’s comment online and began to campaign for his firing by posting what he had said on the restaurant’s facebook and Yelp page. Management at the Derby’s Littleover Lodge was eventually pressured to get rid of Lambert, and so his contract was terminated, despite the hotel siding with Lambert in that meat was never added to any vegan patron’s food.

So what spawned the argument with the vegan in the first place? A classic vegan joke. The 30-year-old chef and father of one said, “It started as a post I made that essentially said ‘how you know if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they will tell you.” Still hilarious.


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