Does Lisa Vanderpump Use A Ghostwriter For Her Blogs?

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump has returned to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the thought that this season would be less dramatic because of Brandi Glanville’s absence. However, Lisa is learning that it is just as dramatic because of Yolanda Foster. Someone brought up the word “Munchausen” and it has been crazy drama ever since. Now, people are questioning whether Lisa is the one who is writing her blogs for the official Bravo site. According to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that she does write her own blogs – but not before joking about it.

“Agh yes I employ a  ghostwriter for my blogs,I don’t even have an assistant…,” Lisa joked on Twitter, to which someone wrote, “So what is wrong with that?  You are far to busy to sit and write a blog.  Seems to be the smart thing to do.” But Lisa followed it up with, “I was joking …I do everything myself!”

Of course, the idea of getting someone else to write a blog was something that was previously brought up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Giudice denied using a ghostwriter, but Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren felt that Teresa’s blogs were too sophisticated for Teresa to write. During the reunion, she asked Giudice to spell out “napalm” as she had used this word in one of her blogs. Teresa didn’t do it.

But Lisa Vanderpump reveals that she is indeed the one who is writing her own blogs. It is her own thoughts and opinions that are represented in the blog, and it is her own words that describe these feelings. So if they come off as harsh, it is because Lisa may be really passionate about it. 

Are you surprised that Lisa Vanderpump writes her own blogs for the show?

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