Dog Runs for Life in 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile (VIDEO)

Chile Earthquake

Little Hot Dog Runs for Life

4/24/2017 4:14 PM PDT

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The moment a massive earthquake struck off the coast of Chile Monday an adorable little dog sprang into action … running for his life.

The harrowing moment was captured on video by a guy in Valparaiso, Chile — the 7.1 magnitude quake struck 22 miles off the coast of the port city. He was outside on his deck when the shaking hit and the pup, looks like a dachshund, started barking and sprinting.

The dog eventually makes it into the apartment and finds its owners. There are no immediate reports of damage or serious injuries.

They say dogs can supposedly sense when earthquakes are coming, so maybe the little guy was trying to warn everyone.

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